The Handbag Raincoat Story

Morgan and Arley Sarner share their inspiration behind the Handbag Raincoat and the journey to where it is today.

New York City is the Inspiration Behind Handbag Raincoat®

On rainy days, we would use our arms, coat, and even newspaper to protect our handbags from getting wet and damaged by the rain. The snow took its toll on our handbags as well. We would watch the weather forecast at night, and make my next day’s handbag selection based on whether or not it was going to rain.

We used OUR already rain damaged handbags on bad weather days. We saved my best handbags for clear weather days. We saw many women doing the same thing!

In fact, even when they had umbrellas, women were still trying to protect their handbags, and would use their coats and often sacrifice getting their hair wet to protect a handbag with their umbrella! We had to do something.

After working with handbags and purchasing many ourselves, we realized there was a need for a Handbag Raincoat® to protect all handbags from the rain.

Not Having An Umbrella Is No Longer An Excuse

We Created This For You, As Well As For Us

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